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Is your car fitted with rain sensors? Newer cars quite often have this handy feature, which causes your windscreen wipers to be activated automatically if rain is detected which means you can drive in all weathers knowing your windscreen wipers will respond automatically. It also means that it’s a lot safer as you can keep firmly focused on the road ahead without the distraction of looking to turn the wipers on.
If you are in Pontefract and get in touch with us for a replacement windscreen, don’t forget to let our friendly and knowledgeable team know that your van, car or commercial vehicle is fitted with rain sensors. Failing to replace your windscreen with a similar type with sensors can cause serious electrical faults.

Windscreen Specialists in Pontefract

Quite often the rain sensor is located where the rear-view mirror is mounted on the front windscreen. However, if you are not sure how to find your sensor, our skilled, trained and qualified engineers in Pontefract will be able to help you.

Windscreen Services, Yorkshire are the windscreen repair and replacement specialists and provide you with the following services:

  • Contactable by phone or email
  • Warranty and guarantees
  • Mobile service
  • Same day appointments
  • Outstanding customer reviews
  • Glass recycling

In Pontefract, we lead by example and our policy is to reduce the impact on the environment by recycling windscreens and glass wherever possible.

And remember, we will repair your windscreen if at all possible. A repair entails cleaning and drying the damaged area and filling the chip with resin, which has all the identical properties to glass. This will make the damage less visible and the repaired area will be smooth and safe. If left unattended, small chips can become larger and therefore unrepairable as heat, moisture, frost, dirt and vibration take their toll.

Call us today so that we can come out to your vehicle in Pontefract. Our skilled technicians are qualified to work on cars, vans, commercial vehicles, plant and agricultural vehicles and carry out van conversions.

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